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Ants are often considered useful outdoors, because they serve important functions. They not only aerate the soil, but ants also break down organic matter. Despite their usefulness, ants can be a nuisance and if you fail to control them. There are many different ants that can find their way into your home. Some of these are: Argentine ants, pharaoh ants, and fire ants. Regardless of the species, the manner in which they can be eliminated is the same.

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Ant extermination begins with learning where these ants are coming from and how they are getting into your house. Most people have a tendency to kill ants on sight without finding out how they got there. You have to keep in mind that ants have nests, and the best way to be rid of them is by attacking them at their source. In order to determine where their nest is, follow their trail and see where they are coming from.

Using a sponge with soapy water is highly recommended as it will help eliminate the scent that attracts these ants in the first place. If you succeed in finding their nest, block any entrances you can find. This way, the ants will have no way of getting out.

Another way you can control these pests is by utilizing ant bait. Food is what attracts these insects to your home, so by incorporating poison into the bait, you will be able to get rid of ants.

If you prefer the quickest method of getting rid of ants, taking matters into your own hands is the best choice. Most people recommend pouring soapy water or boiling water into the colony in order to destroy the ants. Spraying insecticides directly on their nests should not be done because they will end up dispersing in panic which will make them harder to find and destroy.

Another way to control these pests is to ward them off using fragrant herbs. Basil and cinnamon are the commonly used herbs to keep ants at bay. Ants have a highly developed sense of smell and this is what they use to search for food. Ants find the smell of basil and cinnamon repulsive so they avoid it as much as possible. Another substance you can use is vinegar. In fact, the use of a mixed solution of water and vinegar to wipe counter tops has been found to be an effective ant repellent.

Lastly, sprinkling window sills, cracks and fissures with coffee powder or baby powder can also help keep ants away. It has been found that ants prefer not to cross areas lined with these substances. Not only are they effective ant repellants, they are also safer and risks of toxicity are significantly reduced.

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