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Slumbering with Bed Bugs? Sleep Well Again with Bed Bug Control NYC!

Bed bug control is one of the most sought-after services in NYC. That’s because bed bugs are some of the most popular insects around. They thrive in areas that are filled with people - their favorite hosts - and New York City has plenty of people. Bed bugs also feed on other warm-blooded animals. Bed bugs are named as such because of their chosen habitat – as you might have guessed, they generally live in beds, feeding on us humans while they’re sleeping.

If you think you have a bed bug problem in your very own home, then it’s time to call us! However, it is highly recommended that you try to get to know your enemy first in order to understand the steps that will need to be taken in order to exterminate these pests. First of all, do you know that bed bugs are also referred to as redcoats, heavy dragoons, wall lice, crimson ramblers, and mahogany flats? Pretty interesting names for a single kind of insect, huh?

Old-School Approaches:

Bed bug ExterminatorsIt was in the early 1940s when bed bugs were first eradicated on a grand scale. The civilized world condemned these insects as pests and began to adopt strategic methods to exterminate them, in the hopes of making their homes safe from the problems brought about by said bugs, including allergies and poor sanitation. Throughout history, there have been various tricks used to solve bed bug problems, including the use of plants like black cohosh, henna, and bayberry. Herb and seed extracts, oil infusions, and peat fires were also popular.

However, bed bugs proved to be quite difficult to conquer. Studies show them to be notoriously resurgent. This is why there are now a number of services for bed bug control, especially in large cities such as NY. Without any knowledge and practice on bed bug control, it can seem impossible to free your home of these pests. Professional bug exterminators are better trained and equipped to handle these troublesome insects, and this is why you should rely on them to solve your bug problems.

Modern-Day Solutions:

Services you can count on from us include the use of green pesticides, regulation of bug atmospheres, mattress sanitization, and the use of traps, to name a few. Studies have shown that concentrations that are high in carbon dioxide can be significantly effective in exterminating bed bugs within the impressive timeframe of only 24 hours.

Wrapping a potentially infested bed with plastic sheets or impermeable bug encasements after treatment is advised. Heating infested areas is also recommended by experts because bed bugs are known to live longer in cooler environments. The heat used must not be lower than 49 degrees Celsius, and exposure must last up to at least 20 minutes. Traps are also a common choice for killing bed bugs for good, and they are often utilized in combination with other extermination methods.

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