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Bed BugTo understand how to kill bed bugs, it’s important to understand that they do not consume food or poison like other pests. These insects feed only upon blood. The bed bug life cycle consists of five nymphal stages before adulthood in which the insect takes a blood meal, molts, and moves on to the next stage of maturity. It’s also important to know that the insect population has become immune to many pesticides common in recent history. So, what killed bed bugs effectively decades ago, is not what will work today.

While Bed Bug 911 offers chemical extermination, we’ve developed our own signature pest control solution from wheat enzymes. Enzymes are naturally occurring proteins that facilitate chemical reactions. Just as enzymes in human saliva break down food on contact to aid in digestion, our enzyme-based solutions break down an insect's outer shell. This all-natural, green pest control, works on all strains of bed bug infestations, even those that have developedimmunities to toxic pesticides.

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