Groundhog Control

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Groundhog Control

Groundhogs are actually species that are large in size compared to other rodents, and they are considered as medium-sized rodents. The average weight of a rodent is about four kilograms and some of them can reach up to fourteen kilograms depending how much food they take. Groundhogs can be considered as pests since they can destroy the foundation of your house, dig and steal your garden vegetables, etc. So, it is a must that you take action and have groundhog control in your property.

One way to have
groundhog control is by changing your own behavior and habits. First, you have to look for signs that groundhogs are thriving on your property. Sometimes, you just become aware of their presence once you see that your garden is almost gone or you have a damaged tractor since it is over a collapsed den of groundhog. Once you realized that there are groundhogs, you should immediately take action or else there can be more damage. You don’t have to feel sorry for these wild animals or feel lazy to do something now. If you want to save your garden or your house that you have worked hard on, then eliminate the problem as soon as possible.

Once you find some holes existing around your property, there’s a chance that they are entrances of a tunnel that the groundhogs have carved underneath. What you can do is to fill in the hole on its top side. Fill it with bunch of small rocks and soil and make sure that they are tightly packed in. The groundhog will find it hard to retrieve its hole without exerting too much work. You will do this control method along with other methods like shooting, trapping and disinfecting so the groundhog will no longer create a new hole. If you see that they have damaged the foundation of your house, you should be cautious in repairing the area and it’s best to consult an engineer if you are unsure as to what you have to do.

If you want, you can do a groundhog control by creating a partly buried fence so it can be kept out in a specific area. This may require a lot of time and effort but this can be of great help. Make sure that the fence is at least one meter and the buried part is about 30 centimeter. The fence should have 90 degrees angle outward as you bury it so that digging under the fence becomes a very tiring job for your little pest. However, they can still find ways to get in so use this method plus others like live trappings.

You can also set traps so that the groundhog or whatever that comes in contact with it are held painfully. If you can handle this, you proceed with setting traps. This can also be illegal or may need a permit; you should know the law in your area. You can choose from different leg traps that are effective in capturing a groundhog.

There are a lot of ways to have groundhog control on your property. What you must remember is that it is best to combine the different methods of controlling groundhogs so you can exterminate most, if not all, of them.

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