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Mice Extermination In NYCAre you having problems with mice? Do they take over your home when the lights go off at night? You must take action at the first sight of mice in your home otherwise you will end up with a much larger problem.

The longer you wait to call your mouse extermination service, the worse the infestation will get. Unlike other animals, mice breed all through the year and if you do not take any action against their presence, they will rapidly infest your home.

Mice can cause a significant amount of damageas they gnaw through all of your valuable possessions. They can damage furniture, wiring, cables, and wood work, including base boards. They do not see any distinction between materials when it comes to gnawing. It need not be an edible material. One of their essential characteristics is that they will gnaw on just about anything.

Rather than replacing or repairing your expensive furniture, you can call our mouse extermination service and regain control of your home. We will help you to exterminate all of the mice on your premises. We have proven mouse extermination strategies that will save your home from the mice menace. Mice are often dangerous carriers of bacteria and viruses. Many deadly diseases and plagues are spread through them.

Mice can also cause food poisoningso, it is important to act fast. is your best solution for mouse related needs. We will not only help you get rid of the existing mice from your home, but we will also give you tips on how to keep them away for good. We are a professional mouse extermination company, and our exterminators have the highest success rates of mouse extermination in the industry.

Mice Exterminators And ControlOur exterminators guarantee 100% satisfaction and complete relief from mouse related problems. Our exterminators will identify the weak spots in your home. They will also locateand get rid of their breeding nests, providing you with permanent solutions to all your mouse related problems. We are here to assist you anytime you need our services and we are just a phone call away.

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Types of mice we exterminate

Brown Mice\Black Mice

Brown mice can survive for almost five years in ideal conditions. They are nocturnal in nature and feed primarily on plants. Brown mice are good climbers and may be found atop trees or manmade structures. They produce offspring throughout the year. Brown mice are capable of running very quickly and can jump up to 18 inches in height.

Country Mice

The country mouse is also known as the field mouse. They are nocturnal in nature and eat a variety of foods. Country mice are fast, small and highly intelligent when compared with other mice. They immediately seek mates; females reproduce every month and give birth to a number of young each time.

Deer mice

Mice Extermination Summary

The New World is home to approximately 200 mouse species.

Our exterminators can handle all of them. Different mouse species carry different viruses, bacteria, parasites and diseases.

It is best to treat your mouse infestation sooner, rather than later.

So, call us today at: 212-941-5021 and make your mouse problem a thing of the past.

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