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Pest ExterminatorsPests are regulated or controlled, usually because of the perception that they pose some health hazard to humans, the economy, or ecology. Pest Control Services NYC provides simple, comprehensive, and effective pest control techniques.

In the United States of America, raccoons constitute a nuisance as they tear open refuse sacks. Although some households have resorted to using bins with locking lids to deter raccoons, this has not brought a substantial solution in the eradication of these pests. House flies also pose some concern as they gather in mass wherever there is food waste exposure, and may eventually perch on edibles in homes. Our duty is to provide you with lasting solutions for pest control, and to curb the menace that pests pose to your health, the health of the economy, and ecology at large.

However, a good number of the animals that share the environment with us do not constitute a nuisance. In fact, some of them are quite beneficial. The species that interfere with human activities and pose a threat to our health are the ones that should be placed under control.

Studies show that rodents, especially rats and mice, consume and infect up to 20% of the global food supply. Therefore, our intervention as renowned pest control service providers is timely and crucial.Otherwise, our communitywould gradually tend towards food supply shortage as a result of pest’s activities. Your beautiful garden and lawn are also not free from the activities of these pests. In fact, they are most attracted when your lawn isblossoming at its peak! Pest control is the only way you can deter the activities of pests.

Even our properties are attacked and destroyed by these pests, especially rodents. Americans spend approximately 1.5 billion dollars yearly in the repair of damages caused by termites alone as well as in the attemptto get them under control. This cost exceeds the entire estimated cost of many natural disasters!

You may choose to embark on pest control utilizingDIY (do-it-yourself) techniques. However, the most effective techniques can only be applied by experts. Pest control can be achieved in various ways. There are biological pest control techniques, which basically consist of controlling one unwanted species by controlling and managing natural parasites and predators. One example if this is when mosquitoes are controlled by placing a bacterium (BTis Bacillus thuringienis ssp. Israelensis) in local water sources. The Bacterium effectively contaminates and kills mosquito larvae. There is no harm associated with this pest control measure for fully grown mosquitoes, and the water source remains safe for human consumption.

Another type of pest control technique is the elimination of breeding grounds. A large number of unwanted organisms breed easily, or find shelter and food wherever there is garbage. This is also true of places where water collects easily – mosquitoes and other pests thrive in still water. Therefore, adequate waste management and drainage of stagnant water obstructs and removes the breeding grounds of many pests.

Here, we employ the most effective and non-harmful techniques possible to eliminate pests in your household and environment. We will locate the source of the infestation, get rid of the pests, and also introduce healthy prevention methods.

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