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Rats ExterminatorsMany homes fall victim to rats, some of the most notorious rodents around. While rats generally inhabit the streets, there are some that live in human houses, just like mice. Although they are bigger than their cousins, rats can still fit through a quarter-sized hole without effort. They squeeze through undetected openings, such as roof vents, garage doors, chimney flues, soffit gaps, and fireplaces. They can even crawl into the attic via loose bricks and crevices meant for electric and water lines. They can gain entrance by climbing trees, and wood siding. With their exceptional climbing and jumping skills, rats can enter your home in more ways than one.

Now, the question is, what should you do when there are rats in your home? There can only be one answer to that question. Get help from Rat Exterminators in NYC.

Rats are a territorial species, which means that they infest houses that have not yet been conquered by other rats. They will return repeatedly until they are sure that your house can give them everything they need to survive. Once they get comfortable, they create their living space and breed. Their points of entries can give access to other animals as well. You can only imagine the amount of trouble they can cause you and your family if you allow them to stay in your house.

Rats are very noisy. They make all kinds of annoying and disturbing sounds when they are off doing their thing – gnawing and squeaking day in and day out. If you value sleep, you’d better get rid of these rodents fast.

Rats stink. Because they have filthy eating habits, feeding on your trash most of the time, rats emanate a strong, foul odor when they die. If you want to keep your house odor-free, do something about the rat infestation before it’s too late.

Rats are destructive. They can destroy ductwork, water lines, electric lines, and insulation tunnels. One of these days, you may find your home in a state of disarray and potential danger, as the damage rats can do has been known to cause flooding, electrical malfunction, and even cause fires. If you want peace of mind, then turn to Rat Exterminators in NYC right away.

Rats ExterminatorsRats are health hazards. Not only do rats wreak havoc and considerable material damage, they also carry diseases that may be potentially fatal if left undetected. These dirty rodents are the primary carriers of the following: salmonella, murine typhus, trichinosis, and leptospirosis. Salmonella, which rats can spread via their droppings, will cause victims to suffer from fever, vomiting, and diarrhea. Murine typhus has mild symptoms (including headaches, body aches, and rashes) that can last for months if ignored and untreated. Trichinosis pertains to a roundworm infection, which can enter the blood stream, affecting both the brain and lungs. Leptospirosis, the deadliest of all, can be contracted from contact with an infected rat’s urine.The disease’s flu-like symptoms can easily fool you and meningitis or liver failure can follow.

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