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Urban Wildlife Animal Control:
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Companies: How They Operate

Have you ever thought what the position of urban wildlife animal control NYC is? Some things that can come into mind are rat poisoning and the signs at private and semi-private parks that say “Please don’t feed the pigeons.” As a matter of fact, most people think that “urban wildlife” is actually an oxymoron for one good reason. The one who has the authority to oversee it is the DOH.

The urban wildlife animal control of NYC has its laws that deal with wildlife transport and possession for wildlife animal control companies. Given this fact, every wildlife control trappers should obey the law. The destiny of the wild animal depends on what kind of species it is. If the animal has threat of rabies, the law may state the same they should be killed or euthanized. Some animals are protected so they can’t be harassed by anyone.

For this reason, wildlife control companies in NYC always aim to act the most humane way possible. If they see that the animal is healthy and it’s fine that it is relocated, this is the usual option they choose. If the wild animal is sick or injured, euthanizing is the most humane way for it. It is the responsibility of the company to inform their customers about what should be rightly done and to coordinate with DOH.

Also, urban wildlife animal control NYC companies are hardly allowed to use poisons. Insects can be poisoned since they are just very tiny, and there are specially developed poisons to wipe out the colonies of these insects. As of today, there are no effective and approved poisons to be used for wildlife control except for rats. However, using poison against rats or mice is also ineffective.

For most wildlife control companies, poison is not the solution to eliminate these rodents since they are just going to be replaced by others waiting outside the home. The best way is to look for their entry holes seal them with steel and trap physically all rats. Also, some wildlife animal control companies in NYC may offer the extermination of insects like termites but this is a very different field so these companies usually have two main branches: one for pest control and one for wildlife control.

As a wildlife control company, traps for these animals are of various types where the traps depend on the kind of animal, situation and architecture. As a trained trapper, one should know that the wildlife trap is legal in NYC. Next the trapper should know which trap is most appropriate for a specific situation. Also, the trapper should choose the most humane trap since there are traps that can be lethal to the animal.

If you are going to contact a company for urban wildlife animal control NYC, you should know if the company has a license for special nuisance trapper, which is issued by the Wildlife Commission. Also, the company must have the required licenses by the county and city. It is important to be vigilant.

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