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911 extermination is a full service pest control and extermination company that is located in Brooklyn, NY and services the NY tristate area including: Queens, Long Island, the Bronx, Staten Island, Manhattan, and parts of New Jersey.

A pest is defined as anything that is considered detrimental to human health and the environment. Pests have always been around, often wreaking mass havoc on farms while destroying plants and human livelihoods. Insects like bed bugs can destroy furniture, create discomfort, and cause illness and emotional distress in humans. This is why effective pest control and management is essential for property owners and building managers.

If you wish to completely eradicate a pest, then it is best to start from the source. Eliminate any potential breeding grounds by properly disposing of water. Stagnant water gives pests like mosquitoes a place to lay eggs and multiply - and spread diseases like malaria and elephantiasis.

Each pest control method has its own pros and cons. Biological pest control is one effective way of killing pests in which predators or strains of bacteria are introduced into the environment. The bacterium milky spore is a popular method of biological pest control. Beetle larvae are exposed to these spores that infect and eventually kill the beetles.

Squirrels, rodents and pigeons can be controlled with traps - often baited with food to lure the creatures inside. Once contained, the trapped animals can be humanely transported to a far-away place or handed over to the proper agencies so they can no longer pose a nuisance to humans.

Poisoned pellets can be left around a home or building for a pest to find. They can be mixed with food and effectively control pests in smaller areas. However, it is important to remember that pellets left for the purpose of mouse and rat extermination can be accidentally ingested by children or pets.

Poison spray can be a great method of insect extermination in large-scale areas like farms. The pesticides are released from planes, hand-held units, or trucks with spraying equipment. While sprays were once very effective, toxic sprays and other pesticides have fallen out of favor in recent years because chemicals often adhere to crops and can be toxic to humans. Many government agencies now advocate for the elimination of pesticide use in farms. Also, over many generations, insects have grown immune to pesticides to the point that they no longer work.

Today, natural pest control methods are considered our safest option because they effectively deter pests without posing a threat to humans or the environment. Hole-sealing can keep critters at bay while proper sanitation and natural products can be used as much as needed to keep your house and garden pest-free. This is why we use all-natural, enzyme-based products that can be used as liberally as necessary.

Along with bed bug extermination, our services include the extermination of cockroaches, spiders, flies, mosquitos, rodents, termites, bees, beetles, ants, and fabric pests. We also provide squirrel, pigeon, and raccoon control, as well as much more.

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